The district’s budget shall be prepared by the superintendent in cooperation with selected district employees and shall reflect the educational goals of the district.

The superintendent and employees shall follow the adopted budget.

It shall be the goal of the board to fund the operating budget according to approved fiscal and budgetary procedures adhered to and required by the state of Michigan.  The budget shall be the vehicle by which the educational goals and objectives of the district are to be met.


The board shall establish priorities for the district on a short-term, intermediate and long-range basis.

Deadlines and Schedules

In order for the district’s budget preparation to proceed in an orderly fashion, deadlines and time schedules shall be established by the superintendent.


Encumbrances shall be made when the purchase is made or when an approved purchase order is processed.  All encumbrances shall be charged to a specific fund and/or account number.


Recommendations of the superintendent and professional staff concerning the educational program of the district and related budget figures shall be presented to the board prior to submission of the tentative draft budget.

Preliminary Adoption Procedures

A preliminary draft of the district’s budget shall be submitted by the superintendent to the board as the board may require.

Hearings and Reviews

The board shall conduct budget hearings according to state law.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1213-1214; 380.1216; 380.1218; 141.411; 141.421A-440A;                                                                211.209-210

Adopted:   7/1/93