The board delegates to the superintendent the authority to establish and maintain a system of records in accordance with the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.  Every effort shall be made to provide public access to these public records subject to disclosure under the act.


A public record means any recorded information regardless of form or characteristics which is made, maintained or kept by or is in the possession of the district, including those exhibited at public board meetings, but excluding those copyrighted by persons or groups other than the district.

Central Office Records.  Records maintained shall include, but not be limited to, the following:  financial, employee, personnel, property (both real and personal) owned by the district.

Building Records.  Records maintained by the building principals shall include, but not be limited to, the following:  activity fund and student records (cumulative, confidential and attendance).  (Cf. JR et seq.)

Public Use

All records except those deemed confidential by Michigan Freedom of Information Act shall be open to inspection by the general public during the regular office hours of any school building or the central office.  Copies of open records will be available on request.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 15.231 et seq.


(P 1312)

Adopted:   7/1/93