The superintendent is designated as the official custodian of all central office records maintained by the district.  Each building principal is designated as the official custodian of all records established and maintained at the building level.

Public Use

Requests to inspect or receive copies of open records shall be made in writing to the superintendent.  Requests for individual student records only shall be made to the principal.  Requests shall sufficiently describe the record to enable the custodian to identify and locate the record.

The official custodian shall examine each request to determine whether the record requested is an open record or subject to exemption by the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.  Within five business days of receipt of the request, the custodian will do one of the following:

  1. grant the request;
  2. deny the request in writing;
  3. grant it in part and deny it in part; or
  4. issue a written notice extending for not more than ten business days the period during which the custodian shall respond to the request.

If the custodian grants a request to inspect an open record(s), the person requesting will be permitted to examine the open record in a designated area of the office during the regular office hours of any school building or the central office.  To prevent excessive disruption of the functions of the school office, not more than two persons shall be allowed to inspect records at any one time.  Under no circumstances shall documents be allowed out of their usual building location without the approval of the official custodian.

If the custodian does not grant the request, in whole or in part, the person requesting will be provided written notice containing an explanation of the basis for denial of the request together with a statement advising the person of their right to commence an action in a circuit court to compel disclosure of the open records including the right to receive damages and attorneys’ fees in the circumstances provided in the Act.

The custodian shall file all requests and their dispositions in his or her office and make such reports as are requested by the superintendent or the board.


The following rates shall be charged for the search and duplication of any materials requested pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act:

Duplication Cost: $.04 per single-sided copy; $.05 per two-sided copy

Postage: Actual cost

No charge for the first $20.00 of a fee may be made to a person who is on welfare or presents facts showing inability to pay because of indigency.  State guidelines for determining free or reduced-cost meals to families shall be used as guidelines to determine indigency.  At the discretion of the superintendent, charges may be waived if providing the open records free is in the public interest.

Employee Wage: In calculating the cost of labor incurred in duplication and mailing and cost of examination, review, separation and deletion, the district will charge the hourly wage of the lowest paid employee capable of retrieving the information necessary to comply with a request under this act.

Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Upon request, a copy of the board meeting agenda and minutes shall be furnished without cost to the president of each employee association, to the president of each local

PTA, to the president of the PTA Council, to the Special Education P.A.C. representative, and to media representatives.

A copy of these public records shall be mailed to any other person or organization upon payment of the following annual subscription fees:

Agenda only                                                                              $7.50

Minutes only                                                                             $15.00

Agenda and Minutes                                                                $18.00

Agenda, Minutes, and Background Materials                           $65.00

Revenue from copying open records and from annual subscription fees for board meeting agenda and minutes shall be deposited in the general fund of the district.

Record Listings

Employees are prohibited from giving or selling lists of any school records to any person except as authorized by law or board policy.


Revised  10/4/2001