The board shall employ such administrative personnel as the needs of the district require.

Compensation Guides and Contracts

Administrative personnel shall be compensated for their services in conformity with an administrative salary as outlined in the current master contract.  For administrative employees not represented by a recognized bargaining unit, the board annually shall establish all compensation.

Qualifications and Duties

The superintendent shall develop appropriate job descriptions for each administrative position in the district.  Such documents shall be filed in the central office.

Leaves of Absence

The board may provide administrative personnel paid and/or unpaid leaves of absence and, where appropriate, these shall be in accordance with the provisions found in the current master contract.


The board delegates to the superintendent the authority to identify and recommend the appointment of qualified individuals to fill vacant administrative positions.  The board reserves the right to reject any and all recommendations.


Assignment of administrative personnel shall be recommended by the superintendent subject to approval of the board and provisions as may be outlined in the current master contract.

Adopted:    7/1/93