The board’s policies may be amended at any regular, special or adjourned meeting of the board by a majority vote of the members of the board.  Normally there will be a First Reading for board discussion only and a Second Reading/Adoption at a subsequent board meeting.

A recommendation by an individual or group of citizens or patrons to adopt or amend any policy or rule may be submitted to the superintendent.  Final action on any such recommendation will take place at a regular or special meeting of the board unless an emergency is declared whereby final action may be taken immediately.

Policy Dissemination

The superintendent shall be responsible for devising a procedure to ensure that those persons having copies of the board policy manual receive changes in board policy and the policies which have been amended or deleted are removed from such policy manuals.  Every attendance center shall have a current copy of the policy manual which shall be kept in the office of the principal.  A current copy of the board policy manual shall also be kept in the superintendent’s office and central business office.  Each board member shall be furnished a copy of said policy manual, and the superintendent may also designate which administrators shall be furnished with copies of said policy manual.

The board secretary shall keep a running historical set of board policies which shall reflect all revisions, amendments or other such actions pertaining to every policy and rule.