As needed, the superintendent shall present to the board recommendations in regard to the proposed policy changes.  Said report shall be in writing and shall indicate which policies should be amended, deleted or supplemented and shall also contain his/her recommendations and the rationale for new policies.  In addition, the superintendent, as the need arises, shall advise the board when a policy should be changed or supplemented and present to the board the reasons therefor.

Staff Involvement 

The superintendent may solicit recommendations from the entire staff in regard to the workability of present policies, needs for change, and new policies.  The superintendent, in formulating his/her recommendations to the board, shall consider the recommendations made by the staff.

Community Involvement

The board may advise the public, through the news media and other means, that the board welcomes suggestions and ideas in regard to board policy.

Student Involvement 

By classroom teacher announcements, notices in student publications and by other means to be adopted by the board, the board may invite students of the district to submit ideas and suggestions to the board in regard to the development of board policy.  In adopting or changing board policy, the board shall take into consideration those ideas and suggestions submitted by the students.