The board secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes or to see that minutes of every meeting of the board are kept.  A recording secretary, not a member of the board, may be appointed by the board and shall attend all meetings and record all actions of the board.  Such minutes shall be reviewed and signed by the secretary of the board or acting secretary.  The minutes shall include the date, time, place, members present, members absent, all motions made at open meetings and action taken thereon, the purpose(s) for which closed sessions are called, all roll call votes, a reference to reports presented, a record of those speaking at the public comment session and the topic on which they spoke, and items discussed when no action is taken.

Copies of proposed minutes of an open meeting shall be provided upon request to members of the public within eight business days of the meeting and copies of approved minutes within five business days of the meeting at which they were approved.  Minutes shall be presented for approval at the first regular monthly meeting of the board, if possible, and copies shall be sent to all board members prior to said meeting.

Minutes of closed meetings shall contain the same amount of detail as minutes of an open meeting and shall be presented for approval at the first regular monthly meeting, if possible.  If there are objections or corrections to the minutes which require discussion, the board, upon a two-thirds roll call vote, may proceed into closed session for such discussion.  Said discussion shall be limited to the question of accuracy of the minutes.

Minutes of closed sessions shall be confidentially maintained by the superintendent in the board office and shall not be made public except as specified by current law.

One year and one day after approval of closed session minutes, the superintendent may destroy said minutes upon written notification to the members of the board of such intent to destroy said minutes.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.231; 380.246(b) ; 380.1202 (all districts); 15.269;

                         AG Opinion #6353

(P 1310.2)

Adopted:   7/1/93