The board agenda shall be compiled by the superintendent, in cooperation with the board president, and shall include a period of time when the public may speak to the board.  An item may be placed on the agenda by request of any two members of the board upon notification to the board president.

A written request by the public to place an item on the board agenda must be made to the superintendent or president at least 14 calendar days in advance of the meeting at which it is desired to have the item discussed.  The request should include a brief statement of the matter to be brought before the board, along with any background information available which may be provided to the board in advance of the meeting.

The superintendent, in consultation with the president, shall determine whether or not the matter is an appropriate agenda item for that meeting or a future meeting.  The superintendent shall notify the person making the request whether or not the item will be placed on the agenda.  If the item is placed on the agenda, the person making the request shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to present or discuss the issue.

Items not placed on the agenda upon the request of a board member or the public may be added to the agenda by the unanimous vote of the members elected to and serving on the board if the item is an action item.  Generally, it shall be the board’s policy to add items for action only in critical or urgent situations.  Discussion items may be added by a majority vote of those members elected to and serving on the board.

Consent Agenda

The board president may place routine matters in a single consent agenda item for action by the board.  Any board member may request that a consent item be removed and considered separately at any time prior to final vote on the consent agenda.

Approval of the consent agenda shall be by majority vote of those members elected to and serving on the board.


Revised  9/7/2000