The board shall hold at least one regular meeting each month.  The schedule for regular monthly meetings shall be adopted at the first regular meeting of the board each July by a majority of members elected to and serving on the board.  A notice of the schedule of regular meetings shall be posted at the entrance to the Educational Services Center within ten days after the first meeting in each fiscal year.

The board shall meet in regular monthly session on the first Thursday of each month unless otherwise determined by the board.

Unless otherwise noted, all regular meetings of the board shall be held at the Educational Services Center, 850 Ladd Road, Building D, Walled Lake, Michigan – convening at 7:30 p.m.

LEGAL REF: MCL 380.11a(6)

(P 1310)

Adopted:   7/1/93

Revised:    9/2/93, 8/21/94, 9/4/03