The officers of the board shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and such assistant secretaries and assistant treasurers as the board determines.  All officers shall be members of the board.

Election of Officers

Election of board officers shall occur at the annual organizational meeting of the board held in the month of January.

President – Duties

The president shall preside at board meetings, shall perform all duties imposed by the statutes, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the board.

The president shall, through the office of director of community relations, act as the official spokesperson for the board and shall be the sole board contact source for official communication with the news media.  The president shall have prime responsibility and responds to email communication “on behalf of the Board.”

The president shall decide, at board meetings, questions of order.

The president shall have the same right as other members to offer resolutions, to make motions or second motions, to discuss questions, and to vote thereon.

The president shall coordinate all special committees.  These committees shall be appointed for specific tasks and shall report to the board for its consideration and action.  Committee action shall be advisory and not executive.

Vice-President – Duties

The vice-president shall have the powers and duties of the president in his/her absence or during his/her disability, and such other powers and duties as the board may, from time to time, determine.  The vice-president shall succeed to the office of president when a vacancy in that office occurs.

Secretary – Duties  (At the option of the board, selected duties may be assigned to district staff.)

The secretary shall sign the minutes of meetings, orders, resolutions and other proceedings of the board in proper record books.

Executing, on behalf of the District, documents as authorized by the Board.

The secretary shall countersign all warrants drawn upon the treasurer by order of the board and shall keep or cause to be kept an accurate account of all monies paid or orders drawn on the treasurer of the board.

Perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary, and other duties as established by the Board or required by law.

Treasurer – Duties  (At the option of the board, selected duties may be assigned to district staff.)

Perform all duties incident to the office of the Treasurer and established by the Board of Education or by law.

Duties of Trustees

Trustees of the board shall have care and custody of all school property, oversee the implementation of board policies, and serve on ad-hoc, advisory or standing committees as determined by the board.

LEGAL REF:  MCL 380.11A; 168.4; 380.1201

Adopted:    7/1/93

Revised:    1/6/05, 3/1/12