Regular Election

The board shall be composed of seven members serving six-year terms, and elected at a biennial-annual election held on the November general election date (even years) commencing November 2008.

Nominating Petition/Filing Fee

The School District Election Coordinator1 shall receive nominating petitions from persons running for the board or, in the alternative, personally receive a nonrefundable statutory $100 filing fee paid by the candidate.

Term of Office

The term of office of a board member shall begin on January 1 following his/her election at the November election, or immediately upon board appointment. The term of a board member shall end on December 31of the year his/her term expires.

Special Elections

Special elections may be called by the board at such time, as it shall designate and for such purposes as determined by the board in compliance with current law.

Advice of Legal Counsel

The board shall seek the advice of legal counsel concerning the proper procedure for conducting school elections as needed.

LEGAL REF:   MCL, 380.211; 380.216; 380.217; 380.218

Adopted:   7/1/93

Revised:    1/6/05, 12/6/07


1The “School District Election Coordinator” is the County, City or Township Clerk.