Requests for Transfers

Students shall be assigned to schools in the attendance areas in which they reside. A student who wishes to attend a school other than as assigned shall obtain prior approval from the Deputy Superintendent of Schools in accordance with school board policy.

Transfer Application Process

Application Timelines: Applications for transfer, unless otherwise advertised, will be from October 1 to March 1, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Applications are to be submitted to the Office of Student Services.

Late transfer applications (those submitted after the designated time frame) will be considered only if extenuating circumstances exist. Such circumstances include an unanticipated and significant change in the student’s status occurring after March 1 or other circumstances outside of the parent’s/guardian’s control that prevented them from meeting the application deadline. (Being unaware of the deadline is not considered an extenuating circumstance.) Late transfer applicants will be notified of a decision prior to the start of the fall school year.

Reasons for Transfer Requests

If room is available, all requests will be honored with the following exceptions:
a. the family is not able to provide transportation to and from school.
b. the student has not complied with the district’s attendance policy.
c. the student has not exhibited exemplary conduct.
d. the student has not maintained the academic average for promotion to the next grade level.

No Child Left Behind Provisions (Cf. JBC-R)

A. Students assigned to Title I schools identified for school improvement, corrective action or restructuring will be offered transfer options as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. LEGAL REF: 20 U. S. C. 6316

B. A student will be given the opportunity to transfer to one or more designated schools from a school designated as persistently dangerous as determined by statewide policy or if he or she is subject to a violent criminal offense while on school grounds as determined by state law. A transfer offered from a school identified as persistently dangerous will be in effect until the original school is no longer identified as persistently dangerous. LEGAL REF: 20 U.S.C.7912

Factors Considered in Transfer Requests

Factors considered in making decisions regarding transfers include building capacity, current enrollment, growth projections, teacher allocation, class size, boundary issues, and the student’s behavior, academic progress, and attendance history. Special consideration will be given to students who are victims of a violent crime committed on school property and will be given the option of an immediate transfer to a District school with the space and staff available. Special consideration will also be given for other documented medical and safety issues.

Siblings of the child granted a transfer, under the provisions above, would also be eligible for transfer and will be evaluated as all other requests and must meet all criteria for transfer eligibility including class size limits.

If the enrollment of a school, or expected enrollment in the near future reaches 100% of the building capacity, the District reserves the right to deny transfer requests. The suspension of transfers to a school based upon capacity limits shall be approved by the Superintendent. When a Superintendent decides to deny or suspend transfers to a school, the Superintendent shall immediately notify the Board.

Stipulations for Students with Approved Transfers

The student and family agree to:
a. provide transportation to and from school
b. comply with the district’s attendance policy
c. exhibit exemplary conduct
d. maintain the academic average for promotion to the next grade level
e. continued enrollment in requested courses
f. students entering high school for the first time will be immediately eligible for athletics
g. students transferring from one high school to another will be ineligible for athletics for one semester according to the MHSAA guidelines.

Students whose applications for transfer are approved may complete every grade offered at that school without an additional transfer application, provided that the student does not violate the stipulations listed above. The principal can recommend that a transfer be revoked if any of the stipulations above are not met, or if evidence arises and is proven that the transfer was requested for athletic or social reasons or if the transfer was granted based on false or misleading information. Once the highest grade is completed, the transferred student will automatically return to the school in the residence attendance area, unless a new application is submitted and approved.

Change of Residence During the School Year

A student who moves from one attendance area to another during the school year will be permitted to remain in the student’s original school for the rest of the school year, unless the best interest of the school or student dictates otherwise.

Pending Change of Residence

Students who will move from one attendance area to another may submit a request for a transfer. Such transfer will be approved only if the student will move within 90 days after submission of the transfer request. The application for transfer must include an affidavit from the builder, lessor, prior owner or other knowledgeable person attesting to details of the pending move.

Section 105 Schools of Choice (Oakland County) (Added 8/96; Rev. 5/2/02, 4/3/03, 3/4/04)

The district will accept Section 105 Schools of Choice applications from non-resident students residing within the Oakland Intermediate School District on a limited basis. The specific number of Schools of Choice openings will be designated by the Deputy Superintendent of Schools not to exceed 5% of the most recent September count in any individual school. Enrollment decisions will occur after all in-district transfer requests submitted by March 1 have been completed.

Elementary and middle school students transferring into the district through Schools of Choice will follow the middle and high school feeder pattern established by the district attendance areas or where the majority of students from that elementary and middle school attend high school.

District middle school Schools of Choice students entering high school will be eligible for athletics. Students entering high school under Schools of Choice who attended another high school, will be ineligible for athletics for one semester according to MHSAA guidelines.

The following procedures shall be used for accepting applications from enrolling nonresident students residing within the Oakland Intermediate School District under Section 105 schools of choice:


Rev. 3/10/94, 11/17/94, 10/5/95, 5/7/98, 5/20/99, 5/18/00, 3/1/01, 5/2/02, 4/3/03, 6/5/08, 9/16/10, 10/7/10, 2/3/11, 3/3/11, 10/6/11, 3/1/12

Section 105 Schools of Choice

Application/Enrollment Procedure

1. Notice shall be provided to the general public that applications will be accepted from non- residents for enrollment in the above-stated grades, schools and special programs. The notice shall identify the place, manner and time period for submitting applications.

2. Requests for information should be referred to the office of the student services office.

3. Office of student services will send a packet of district information, along with a Section 105 Schools of Choice Application Form to requesting parent/legal guardian of nonresident student(s).

4. Parent/legal guardian returns application documents to office of deputy superintendent of schools. Completed applications received will be entered on an individual building spreadsheet and also on a district spreadsheet by the office of the deputy superintendent for schools.

5. If applications are fewer than the approved limit established by the board of education, all qualified applicants will be accepted. If applications are greater than the approved limit, then a lottery is held to determine applicants to fill the available slots.

6. Office of deputy superintendent of schools sends notification to parents/legal guardians and students:

a. tentative acceptance packets with welcome letter, or

b. non-acceptance letter.

7. Parents/legal guardians who receive acceptance packets contact the high school counseling office to make an appointment with a counselor and begin the enrollment process.

8. Counselor verifies students’ discipline records from previous schools.

9. Unsavory discipline histories are referred to the deputy superintendent of schools, who will determine the outcome. Additional lottery drawings may be necessary.

10. If a Section 105 schools of choice applicant has decided not to attend a Walled Lake School District school, please inform the deputy superintendent of schools as there may be an applicant on the waiting list.

11. Section 105 schools of choice high school students are ineligible to participate in athletics for the first two semesters of enrollment.

12. The Section 105 schools of choice students are recorded on the Nonresident Schools of Choice Pupils sheet for the Fourth Wednesday and Supplemental Counts.

PLEASE NOTE: If a Walled Lake Schools resident student is going to move out of Walled Lake Schools (and into another school district within Oakland County) and wishes to continue with his or her education in Walled Lake Schools, a Section 105 Schools of Choice Application must be on file or have them call the office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools.

7/1/93 Rev. 3/10/94, 11/17/94, 10/5/95, 8/15/96, 8/21/97, 3/19/98, 5/7/98, 5/20/99, 10/7/99, 5/18/2000, 3/1/01, 5/2/02, 4/3/03, 3/4/04, 1/6/05, 12/3/05, 2/2/06, 2/7/08, 6/5/08, 11/2/08, 1/15/09, 2/5/09, 3/5/09, 8/20/09, 9/16/10, 10/7/10, 10/6/11